Installing Graphics, Jersey Prints, and Seat Covers is a relatively straightforward process. With these steps below, you can upgrade the appearance and performance of your dirt bike in no time. 

Click on the links below for your specific installation needs, whether it's Graphics, Jersey Prints or Seat Covers, we are here to help you. 


CLICK HERE For Graphics Installation
Correct installation & care of your graphics is vital to ensure you get the best results from our product.
Ensure you apply/install your graphics within 3 months of purchase - The adhesive is likely to become less effective after 3 months of manufacture.



CLICK HERE For Jersey Print Installation
Correct installation of your jersey prints is vital to ensure you get the best results from our product. We cannot offer any guarantee for jersey prints installed by our customers.
Please read these instructions through carefully, before beginning the install, so you understand the full process clearly.



CLICK HERE For Seat Cover Installation
Installing a seat cover on your dirt bike is a simple and effective way to enhance its appearance and provide added grip and comfort. A well-installed seat cover can improve your riding experience and protect your original seat from wear and tear.


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