Here at SKDA, we pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality graphics, seat covers and accessories for both privateers & professional race teams internationally.
Here are a few words from our partners and athletes.


“Sam and the team at SKDA have always over delivered for the team. Whether its communication, design process, or quality of goods; I have never felt the team was in need of more. Their commitment to having a quality product while simultaneously having each design maintain its originality is unmatched- I couldn’t think of a better partner.”
- Dustin Pipes, HEP Motorsports Suzuki, USA

“Everything you can imagine is real with SKDA.  They are creative, passionate, and precise.  Racing is time sensitive; we can’t afford any setbacks.  SKDA understands what it takes to win because they are a company built by a racer, by a creative racer who cares.  For me SKDA isn’t a brand, it’s a partner”.
- Yarrive Konsky, Director of Honda Racing Australia & Firepower Honda USA

“The level of service at SKDA in my opinion seems to be their number 1 priority. They are always responding quickly to any question I may have or if I am just placing an order. 
Getting stuff done at SKDA is always super fast. Products that I order seem to print, ship and deliver way before I expect it too. It seems SKDA doesn't cut corners and any aspect of their entire business. The quality of the product always meets or exceeds my expectations so much that I use them for my personal small business needs. SKDA’s design work is professional, sharp, eye-catching and they seem to always be pushing new trends before anybody else. 
Working with SKDA over the past couple years with teams has always been exciting for myself as a racer. Seeing my bike always looking good every race, the rig being stocked with any graphics needed and the team owner/manager never being stressed about graphics being on time is something that stands out to me in my 16 year career. SKDA is always touching base to see if more is needed, checking how things are holding up and always making us look good. “
- Chris Bose, Pro Rider for AJE GasGas Racing Team, USA

“For me personally, I ask so much from my graphics company! I’m so particular with my BCP Honda designs and how the bike looks, but I no longer have to design the graphics myself. I simply give SKDA an idea and they run with it!
Running the Factory Honda Junior Team I need prompt service (whether that be replying to emails, doing up designs, or sending stuff out). I need good quality materials because our riders give their bikes an absolute beating, and I need to know that our bikes will look the best of the best in the junior paddock. I’ve tried a few other brands over the years but overall none of them compare to SKDA.”
- Lee Hogan, Building Champions Program / Honda Junior Racing Team, Australia

“The level of service is 10/10! At times, I feel like i am not fast enough with my responses, and I’m holding you guys back. There is absolutely no “Waiting” for a response. QUALITY, 10/10. I have fourteen hours on my first set. I have not had to trim them, replace any single piece of them, or use much SC1 to keep them looking new. Bad thing is, they last so long, I feel guilty ripping them off and replacing them because why? They look brand new. Design is on another level, SKDA has what seems like 200+ Options. Every design is extremely unique and with every single variation of color that you could imagine. This is the stage I feel like I take days to decide while you guys patiently wait for my response. I believe it is safe for me to say, SKDA is a 10/10 company all the way around.”
- Kyle Swanson, Kyle’s Krew Training Facility, USA

“I choose SKDA. Not only for customers through my TDUB garage business, but also for my professional racing career. Their customer service and delivery times are very impressive. Whether it's a customer sticker kit or my personal racing kit, SKDA always goes above and beyond to ensure we have our kits in time, always keeping us looking fresh at races. 
SKDA's product quality is second to none. Always delivering durable products, that (with correct fitment) will outlast all the competitors.  
I have nothing but great things to say regarding the SKDA design team. Always delivering the dream design I'm after. 
Working with a race team/ professional riders is never an easy task. SKDA always delivers on the deliverables under pressure of our hectic racing schedule and this is what makes them the leading graphics company in the world.”
- Todd Waters, Pro Rider for Husqvarna Factory Racing Team, Australia

“The team at SKDA operate to the highest of standards, making every effort in accommodating my needs and requirements to keep the race team looking and feeling great. Their promptness, professionalism and quality of product meet the demands for the sport of Motocross whilst carrying a sense of freedom, style and expression that only the SKDA design team create which sets them apart. I'm proud to be working with SKDA, they've been a key component for GO24 to establish as a leading brand and team in 2022.”
- Brett Metcalfe, Pro Rider for GO24, Australia

Our Partners & Clients Include: