Graphics Installation

Firstly, you will need to prepare the plastics/surfaces to allow your graphics to adhere properly. Remove any old graphics/stickers from the plastics/surfaces, and ensure they are as clean as possible.

Applying heat to old graphics/stickers can soften the adhesive and make the removal process easier. All surfaces, especially brand new plastics (which come out of the factory with a wax coat), need to be wiped down & cleaned using an appropriate solvent before new graphics are applied. We recommend something alike Isotropy Alcohol, Methylated Spirits, Brake Cleaner, or a Wax & Grease Remover.

Wipe the plastics down with the solvent thoroughly, and allow them to air dry before graphics installation.


Take your time when installing your new graphics, as rushing the process will increase the likelihood of issues or mistakes.

There are a few different graphic installation methods, which are commonly used, and all are okay if they reach your desired outcome. There are also many third party tutorial videos Online, which you can seek out for extra guidance as desired.

We recommend against using water or soap on the graphics to ease application, as this is not good for the adhesive, and will likely decrease the durability and life of your new kit. As all our graphics are die cut, you can first lay each piece onto the appropriate plastic, and have a look at how it all lines up, before you actually apply it. If you find any of the pieces do not seem to line up / fit correctly, and you suspect we may have made a mistake and sent you an incorrect shape, please contact us. We pride ourselves on our premium customer service, and will ensure to get your order corrected and offer any assistance required.

You can then tear off a small section of the backing paper first, and stick it down, whilst ensuring the full decal is still aligned on the plastic as desired. Press it down firmly on the exposed section, and then proceed to remove more of the backing paper, and repeat the process across the graphic.

Heat is your best friend when applying our graphics - It is vital to have a hair dryer or heat gun on hand when installing your graphics. The material we use becomes extremely soft and pliable when warmed up, which can make installing around sharp edges or curves, and stretching the graphic into place, a huge amount easier. Ensure you do not overheat the graphic, as it may then become too soft, and harder to work with - Take it a little at a time to find your desired heat level. 

Once your whole kit has been applied and installed as desired, it is important to then go over the whole kit, warming it up with your hair dryer/heat gun, and pressing down on any lifting edges.

This will ‘activate’ the glue, and help it adhere strongly to its new surface. You need to repeat this once or twice a day for the few days following install, as you may find some corners/edges re-lift as they cool down.

This will ‘train’ the graphic, so it then stays down after a few repetitions.



You may notice after your first ride or two, even after a regular water wash, there is some brown colored marks on the high rub areas of your kit, usually the tank shrouds.

We have found the best way to get rid of these brown marks, is to put some acetone liquid on a clean rag, and then rub the affected areas with some pressure. This usually removes the brown marks.

Do not ride or wash your bike for 3-4 days following installation. This will give the glue optimum opportunity to dry to its new surface, and any lifting edges should be strongly down after repeated heating. 

If you find your graphics wear or deteriorate in an unexpected manor, please contact us. We will gladly assess the situation with you, and help come to a solution.

Identical Replacement Reprints are now available via our Online Store.

The graphics will be immediately reprinted, and shipped out to you, exactly as they were the first time. NO DESIGN CHANGES can be made during reprinting, as the reason they are alot cheaper then normal priced graphics, is there is no design work involved for our team at all, we simply grab the print ready file from your last order, and print it again. Any design changes will incur design time, therefore need to be charged at our standard pricing rates. If you want design changes, place a new order via our store or by contacting us.

The print and material quality of the reprinted graphics is identical to that of your original order also - as stated, they are simply reprinted.

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