Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I receive a design proof for my Online Store order?
A: When ordering a Full Graphics Kit, there is an option to request an emailed design proof. For other products, such as number plates, seat covers, and accessories, we do not offer proofing - The order will simply be processed and shipped out to you.

Q: Are the graphics going to last?
A: We use only the highest quality motocross materials imported directly from the US. Our decals are tried and tested by our sponsored riders every season to guarantee we’re providing the most durable graphics possible. Normal wear and tear will deteriorate your decals over time, the rate at which this happens will depend on your riding style and how you care for your bike. As with any sticker product it is extremely important that the plastics surface is properly prepared before applying your new graphics. Every order we ship includes a Graphics Installation Booklet, please read this carefully and follow the instructions step by step to get the best results from your decals.

Q: Which logos can I add to my kit?
A: For Full Graphics Kits, You can list any logos you want added, by selecting ‘yes’ to the ‘Customize Logos’ box during the order form.There are a few brands we cannot use on your kit (such as Energy Drink Brands), however the majority is no problem. If we have any issues with any of the logos you request, we will contact you to resolve them.

Q: Can I add my personal logo to the shrouds?
A: Absolutely. Make sure to tick ‘yes’ to the ‘Customize Logos’ option on your order, then after submitting the order, Email your logo to info@skda.com.au along with your order number, and any specific placement/requirements.

Q: Can I see what a certain online store kit is going to look like on my year/model of bike, as it is not displayed on my year/model bike on the online store?
A: If you want to see what a certain online store kit design is going to look like on your exact model and year of bike then contact us via the ‘Contact’ page and let us know which design you are after proofed on your bike. We will get back to you with a flat proof of the design in the correct shape to match your bike. 

Q: Do I need matching colored Plastics?
A: Graphics will generally cover the full face of the plastics - but they do not wrap around the edges, or fill the bolt holes. Therefore, you will always see some areas of the underlying plastics color, after the new graphics are installed. It is best to install the graphics to plastics of a similar colorway to the graphics to get the best look.

Q: Do we sell plastics and offer installation?
A: Unfortunately not sorry, we offer just the design, print and supply of graphics only. 

Q: I have restyle plastics for my bike; can you do graphics for them?
A: Yes definitely! During the order form online, simply list the details in the ‘Aftermarket Plastics’ section of the order. We will ensure to organize the correct template on your graphics to fit. If there are any issues, we will contact you directly.

Q: Can I modify the colors in a graphics kit?
A: Yes. Any of the colors on any of our kits can be changed to suit your desires. Simply type in extra color changes you are after, into the ‘Item Comments’ section at the bottom of the order page, when ordering Online. We then email you a design proof with all your changes applied, for you to check and confirm before the kit is printed and shipped to you.     

Q: Do you offer graphic kits for older models?
A: Yes. All kits on our website can be purchased for many year models of the same make. Majority of our templates range from 1995 onwards however, our archive grows further each year so please email us at info@skda.com.au to further confirm availability!

Q: How long will my order take to arrive?
A: ETAs on all orders are 1 to 2 weeks from order date. This allows for design, changes (if required), printing, cutting, packing, and courier time. Once on the move, you will receive tracking details.

Q: Can I get a shipping cost estimate before proceeding with the order?
A: To get a shipping cost for your order, please follow the steps below:
- Ensure you are viewing our site from a computer, not a mobile device.
- Add all of your desired items to your cart, then click view cart
- Down below the Subtotal, there is a button called 'Estimate Shipping & Tax'. Click this button
- Simply enter your details here, and the site will give you your shipping cost options for the items you have in your cart, to the area in which you have entered. 

Q. Having troubles processing your order?
A: In some cases, customers experience issues processing their order as the website will not let them proceed to the payment. This can be due to some of the following:

  • Using a workplace computer/laptop (These can sometimes have firewall limitations preventing you from purchasing items online).
  • Using a phone or tablet device – Make sure your device is up to date and you are using an appropriate web browser.
  • Turn it off and on again – Yes, the oldest trick in the book. Sometimes the device has simply been operating for too many consecutive days and a simply reset is all it needs in order to function correctly again.

If none of the above work, contact us directly by email or phone and we will be able to get your order happening manually right away!

Q. Customs/Import taxes – How much will this cost me?
A: All prices listed on our website are inclusive of all material, design, postage, and taxation fees! There are no further costs to worry about when ordering from SKDA.

Q. Where will my order ship from? 
A: SKDA headquarters are based in South Australia however, we have printers worldwide. Depending on your product(s) ordered, your items may be arrange from a local printing hub or from our headquarters in Australia. This is to ensure that there are no split shipments, and that your order is received in the fastest possible manner.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via the 'Contact Us' page on this website.


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