Chrome Effect Explained

Chrome effects enhance graphics with a reflective and shiny surface. It can create a specific theme or style and be combined with other vinyl finishes. Achieved with a metallic finish vinyl material, we offer a range of designs to complement the graphic base. The possibilities are endless for a truly personalised look.


Standard Mirror Effect
Standard chrome effects are a popular choice for dirt bike graphics as they add a sleek and attention-grabbing look to the bike. It can be used as an accent element or as a full coverage to give a very polished and metallic appearance. This effect can be used to add a touch of elegance to your bike, making it stand out from the crowd.



Rainbow Reflection Effect (Holographic)
Holographic chrome is a unique and eye-catching variation of chrome effects that can be used to add a touch of flair to dirt bike graphics. This type of chrome effect uses a special type of vinyl that has a holographic finish, which creates a rainbow-like shimmer that changes with the angle of the light. This makes for an incredibly dynamic look. With the Holographic Chrome effect, the possibilities are endless.


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