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- FREE Express Shipping on all orders over $100 USD -

1 - 2 Weeks from Order to Delivery

Our Story

Mission Statement:
Search & supply of the true art within Moto.

Company Description:
​Driven by a ​combined passion for art and motorcycles, SKDA has become a global leader in the off-road motorcycles space. We specialize in producing vinyl graphics kits that enhance the visual appeal of our clients' dirt bikes, while maintaining our unique and clean design styles, and premium branding. ​​Our partnerships with companies such as Red Bull and ​FMF Racing​, along with an extensive list of professional racing teams around the world, have helped us elevate to global success.

How it all started:
SKDA Moto Creative (pronounced letter by letter; ‘es-kay-dee-ay’) was born out of a combined passion for art and moto.

In late 2009, 18 yr. old dirtbike enthusiast Sam Morton un-intentionally stumbled across the idea of starting a graphics company out of Adelaide South Australia.

“I had a very specific idea for a kit design I wanted for my own bike. I pulled some inspiration from a ‘Day in the Dirt’ graphics kit which had been released by Troy Lee Designs at the time, along with some very specific design changes I had in mind. I tried working with some other local graphics companies at the time, to have them create what I was after, however nobody could get it quite right.
So instead, I jumped onto Microsoft Publisher, and drew it up myself, before presenting it to the graphics company and saying ‘This! This is what I want.’ They then printed out the kit, and I stuck it on my bike. I was stoked with my new look, although had no further intentions at the time. In the following weeks, I had numerous compliments on my new look. I then had a few close friends of mine say ‘Can you make one for me?’. The rest is history.”
- Sam Morton 

At the time, Sam was looking for a possible career path, and found that the possibility of creating dirtbike graphics for a living – being a combination of his two true passions, Art & Moto – would be nothing short of an absolute dream job. In January of 2010, Sam announced that he was starting an after-hours business, and the journey of SKDA begun.

The Name & Brand:
When Sam first started the company, being 18 and full of moto-related enthusiasm, everything that was cool, was referred to as ‘Fully Sik’. Therefore, a seemingly fitting name for a ‘super cool’ dirtbike company was chosen, and ‘Sikness Designs’ was born.

After a couple of years, it became apparent that the company name was only seen as desirable to younger crowd. To widen the demographic, the company name was abbreviated to ‘SK Designs Australia’.  This was well received by the limited current customer base and led the company well.

In 2018, the company was incorporated in the USA, with the intent to improve the sales process for US based customers. The US LLC was naturally named ‘SK Designs America’. Therefore, the acronym for both the Australian and American companies, was ‘SKDA’. This led to updated branding, and the ‘SKDA’ logo became the trademark icon and company name for the brands collectively.

The SKDA brand has taken huge strides within our industry since it was created. Our brands colors of rich black and pure white portray our intent of being sharp and strong, whilst the simplicity and boldness of the icon causes it to stand out strongly upon any application, and recognizable amongst other brands within moto. In early 2022 the company name was updated to be ‘SKDA Moto Creative’, to allow us to step out of the shadow of being labelled ‘a sticker company’ and allow us to fulfil our true mission of the ‘Search & supply of the true art within Moto’. 

What we do:
SKDA design and manufacture high end visual enhancement products for motorcycles.
We service local and international moto industries – Regardless of your accolades, our goal is to make you look world class with the most innovative designs in the business. Our expansive Online Store is updated constantly; therefore, finding a design that suits your taste and needs is easy. All our kits can be customized to align with your requirements & desires.

SKDA graphics & seat cover products are manufactured in house, to ensure 100% consistency and quality. Our graphics products are printed on top-shelf US manufactured materials, with superior machinery & inks for perfect vibrant colors. We operate mainly from our headquarters based in Australia, whilst also providing localized support and print services from our overseas facilities in USA and Sweden.

Our products are designed to stand out and sync with the unconventional characteristics of our customers. Our willingness to take risks and be adventurous co-exists with our audience. We embody transparency and to always be unique.

We uphold the highest standards to deliver exceptional results.

“Thank you for the support – Enjoy the ride.”
Sam Morton
SKDA Founder & Director


Feel free to give us a shout, email to: info@skda.com.au

Head Office (Australia)
28 King William St, Kent Town, SA 5067
Phone: 08 8876 5139
American Office (USA)
98 Cuttermill Rd, Suite 466, Great Neck, NY, 11021
Phone: 844 869 4312
European Office (Sweden)
559097-5164 Nynashamn, Stockholm
Office Hours are 8am to 3pm ACST, Mon-Fri. 



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